Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Year 4 Mask Making!

The Year 4's have been making masks as part of their art at school. Our task was to design a mask on paper and then create our mask using a plastic mould, paper mache, paint and other accessories. Everyone got a plastic mould and started to paper mache three layers onto the mask. We then left them to dry for a while so that we could start to paint them as soon as possible. The next day everyones masks were dry and ready to paint. We all got out our designs out and made sure that we had the right colours to paint with. To start off with every one had to paint their base colour onto the masks, and then add the detail once the base was dry. Some people added accessories such as fake hair to the top of their masks. It was really fun making the masks and being able to try them on and wear them. I wonder what next term will bring?

By Saskia Klinkenberg

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