Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Middle Syndicate Food To Go Learning Journey!

The middle syndicate made healthy food for the rest of the school to enjoy as part of their food to go learning journey. Year 6 made sushi, Year 5 made wraps and then Year4 made pizza! To start our journey off Mrs. Godfrey-Chatterton ( Year 5 teacher) was a very weary mother who needed to think fast because her son Jon ( Mr. Russell, Year 6 teacher ) was coming home after a long run. Also her daughter Jo (Mrs. Clarke, Year 4 teacher ) was coming home from a long bike ride. Suddenly Mr. Russell came whizzing through the hall door running and grinning with an energetic smile on his face! He ran around all of us while laughter filled the air. Next Mrs. Clarke came riding in on her bike. Mrs Godfrey-Chatterton didn't have enough time to fix them up some lunch so she gave them a nice warm pie. Mr. Russell and Mrs. Clarke gasped.''Do you know how much fat is in a pie? Two golf ball sizes of fat!'' So we had to discuss about what foods are healthy to be in our lunches. In the end we came up with sushi, wraps and pizza. There was a lot of preparation towards the final day. In the end we raised around $900. We are spending the money on a basket-ball hoop and basketballs for the whole school to use.

By Madeline Kendrew

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