Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Year 4's Great Fun

We have had a good start to the term.
Year 4 has been doing gymnastics with Years 5 and 6.We go to the gym once a week.The best activity is doing somersaults on the big trampolines.
One of Year 4's topics this term is Antarctica.We have used the laptops to find out what Antarctica looks like from space. Mrs Clark has said our class might be able to go to the Antarctic Centre.We think this sounds fun so we are going to work really hard in class so we get to go.
We have also been busy writing character descriptions.Not only did we write one as a class, but we wrote our own one about a book character.
In Year 4 we have been working on Geometry.We made rectangular prisms and cubes. This was pretty fun to do but it was hard.

By Harry and Ryan

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smaaschool said...

Hi Harry and Ryan. You have done a great job reporting on Year 4 activities. I think you two would make fantastic journalists. Keep up the good work. From Mr Kendrew